Saturday, November 13, 2010

Preliminary week 11 college football rankings after Auburn, TCU, Utah, etc. games

There are still a few more meaningful games to be played today, but I couldn't help seeing where things stand after the games played thus far.  The rankings below include all games finished as of the end of the Auburn game.  These are certainly not final and will change but should give us a good idea of what will happen.

Oregon is still to play and remains #1 by a large margin.  Stanford also still plays but moves to #2 simply because TCU falls.  TCU falls due to both their narrow win over an ok (was #51) San Diego State but also Utah and Oregon State losing bad games.  Boise State is also hurt a little by the Oregon State loss but holds on to #4.  At this point TCU and Boise State are effectively in a dead heat and Boise State has a tougher remaining schedule so could move ahead if they continue to win convincingly.

Auburn continues their creep up the rankings getting to #5 after a good win over an ok to decent Georgia (was #36 last week) and Alabama is right behind them.  Ohio State also moves up, all three of those teams getting help from a Nebraska that falls three spots.  They fall primarily due to Iowa State who they just beat last week playing poorly today.

It is interesting that Stanford is being generally ignored by the media, teams like LSU (and previously Alabama) are getting all the attention as the best 1-loss teams, but it seems pretty clear that Stanford has played a much tougher schedule and could in fact be the second best team in the country.  It would be a travesty if they don't get into a BCS bowl.

1Oregon93.5899-067.563+0, -0.081
2Stanford85.4478-171.436+1, -0.181
3TCU84.06111-063.073-1, -5.603
4Boise St83.8989-063.283+0, -0.974
5Auburn82.08411-067.112+1, +1.188
6Alabama81.1007-269.626+2, +0.767
7Ohio State80.5819-163.172+3, +0.740
8Nebraska80.4588-166.782-3, -1.075
9Arkansas79.5217-267.828+3, +0.518
10Oklahoma St79.5018-166.623-1, -0.415