Saturday, March 13, 2010

Who the computer says should make the NCAA tournament 3/13 version

Here is the updated list of who the computer says should make the NCAA tournament using games played through Friday.  The change column is the change in ranking/rating since yesterday.  Those with an asterisk are those that are already in or projected to be the conference representative.

The last 4 at-large in would presently be San Diego State, Virginia Tech, UConn, and Florida.  The first 4 on the outside would be Ole Miss, Mississippi St., Memphis, and Rhode Island.  The next 4 after that are Seton Hall, ASU, Illinois, and Virginia Commonwealth.

Some of the possible changes with a few games left are:

  • Rhode Island may have a chance to eke into an at-large spot with a win today over Temple in the A-10 semis.
  • Mississippi St. made a move to get to the second team not making it and a win today would likely get them in, possibly at the expense of SEC foe Florida.
  • Illinois has farther to go, but a win over Ohio State could do it for them.
  • Virginia Tech, UConn, and Florida are done and with wins by teams behind them could be passed.
  • San Diego State with a loss could also get passed.

Stay tuned for more updates.

1Kansas*96.42331-281.562+0, +0.454
2Duke*94.47027-581.899+0, -0.051
3Syracuse93.02128-481.196+0, +0.110
4Kansas St92.11125-682.722+1, +0.442
5Baylor91.45224-781.391-1, -0.384
6West Virginia*91.33326-683.479+0, -0.039
7Kentucky*91.19830-279.813+0, -0.042
8Georgetown DC91.01423-983.485+4, +0.782
9Purdue*90.57727-480.728+0, -0.029
10Ohio State90.45525-779.987-2, -0.305
11Villanova90.13824-782.506+2, -0.035
12Brigham Young90.10228-578.233-2, -0.389
13Wisconsin89.78623-881.437-2, -0.545
14Maryland89.55422-881.044+0, -0.505
15California*89.22723-981.407+2, +0.213
16Texas A&M89.06322-982.360-1, -0.251
17Xavier OH*88.77324-780.537+1, +0.121
18Utah St*88.56226-677.396+8, +0.581
19Temple88.51427-580.271+4, +0.329
20Marquette88.28322-1181.290-4, -0.791
21Notre Dame88.26823-1180.481+0, +0.065
22Butler*88.25028-478.910+0, +0.052
23Texas88.20424-981.516-4, -0.027
24Pittsburgh88.14424-881.636+0, +0.016
25Missouri88.12422-1080.160+0, +0.084
26Michigan St87.86424-880.998-6, -0.350
27Vanderbilt87.67923-781.251+2, +0.317
28Clemson87.66521-1081.177-1, +0.002
29Tennessee87.66425-780.612+4, +0.494
30UTEP*87.65626-576.890+2, +0.478
31St Mary's CA*87.62325-577.519-3, +0.082
32Northern Iowa*87.29328-478.267-2, +0.034
33Washington87.18023-980.007+4, +0.390
34New Mexico86.96329-478.869-3, -0.234
35UNLV*86.90324-779.106+5, +0.472
36Oklahoma St86.87922-1080.703-1, +0.023
37Louisville86.86020-1281.998-1, +0.020
38Gonzaga86.67825-678.285+0, +0.047
39Minnesota86.56320-1280.445+2, +0.337
40Georgia Tech86.46820-1181.435+4, +0.448
41Dayton86.44920-1280.023-2, -0.142
42Florida St86.39222-980.815-8, -0.545
43Richmond85.86425-778.905+0, -0.187
44San Diego St85.85022-879.686+4, +0.293
45Virginia Tech85.81123-879.248-3, -0.354
46Old Dominion*85.75726-878.205-1, +0.051
47Connecticut85.45617-1582.866+2, +0.005
48Siena*85.31027-676.759+2, +0.047
49Florida85.29321-1280.128-3, -0.323
58Murray St*84.66128-472.896-2, +0.020
62Cornell NY*83.94925-475.225+0, +0.056
73Wofford*82.72425-875.725+2, +0.043
88Ohio U.*81.76719-1476.846+5, +0.443
95Montana*81.16320-975.218+0, +0.062
104Sam Houston St*80.49520-774.502+1, +0.028
117Pacific CA*79.72720-1176.044-7, -0.375
118Oakland*79.71924-876.093+0, +0.016
146Vermont*77.90624-972.613-2, +0.040
151East Tennessee St*77.74719-1475.794-2, +0.022
156Morgan St*77.55826-972.766+2, +0.123
165North Texas*76.86321-873.421-1, +0.022
177Lehigh*76.19422-1070.715+6, +0.468
191Robert Morris PA*75.54123-1171.947+0, +0.054
202Winthrop*74.59717-1373.411+0, +0.041
257Arkansas-Pine Bluff*71.00316-1572.879+0, +0.044