Thursday, March 18, 2010

System and Poll NCAA Tournament Bracket Comparison

Something I do every year is fill out a bracket using my computer's rankings, but then for comparison do the same for Sagarin's rankings, the AP and Coaches polls, and simply the higher seeds.  The idea is to be able to compare each system/poll to see how well each one does at predicting the tournament and thus which one can be considered the "best".

This year is not unlike past years and I have filled out a bracket for all the above and will be scoring them like most pools do, giving 1 point for a first round correct pick, 2 for a second, 4 for a third, and so on.  I'll post updates here after the completion of each day of play so all can see how the scoring progresses.

And this year with every system/poll having Kansas #1 and thus picking them as the champion, the differences are really going to boil down to how each system/poll picks the early rounds.  And each one does pick at least a few upsets and there isn't complete agreement amongst them, so it will be interesting.

Let the games begin!