Friday, March 19, 2010

The Computer's Analysis of NCAA Tournament Day 1

After the brackets came out, I posted several entries on what the computer thought of the seeds and strength of each region.  Let's see how some of those comments played out yesterday.

  • Kansas State was a #2 but the computer said they could have been a #1 and they played like a #1 winning by 20.
  • Villanova was a #2 but the computer said they should be a #3 and they almost lost.  Perhaps they were overrated at a #2?
  • The computer liked Georgetown as a #3 along with many others, and they dropped the ball.
  • The computer thought New Mexico was a stretch as a #3 and perhaps was right as they eked out a 5 point win over a #14 in Montana.
  • The computer thought Vanderbilt was a stretch as a #4 and was proven right as Vandy lost to a #13 Murray State.
  • Notre Dame was ok as a #6 but didn't play well and disappointed the computer.
  • BYU pulled it out, but the computer liked them better than a #7 and they didn't play that way.
  • The computer didn't like UNLV even making the tournament let alone as an 8 seed, and indeed they lost first round to a #9 Northern Iowa.
  • The computer liked Texas to be higher than a #8 but was wrong as they lost to a #9 Wake Forest that it didn't think should have made the tourney.
  • St. Mary's was a #10 that should have been higher and they proved it beating a #7 Richmond.
  • The computer liked Washington as better than a #11 and they proved it beating a #6 Marquette.
So, the computer was right on some and wrong on others, but I think it was right more than wrong which led to it going 11-5 versus the seeds going only 9-7 yesterday.  We'll see how day 2 plays out.