Monday, March 22, 2010

College Basketball Rankings through 3/21/2010

My computer's college basketball rankings through 3/21 are now posted on the web-site.

Below I've listed the rankings for the teams still in the NCAA Tournament.  Only Kansas and Texas A&M are top-10 teams that are missing from the sweet 16 and Cornell at #34 is the lowest ranked team still in.  So a pretty quality field even with some of the upsets and missing teams.  The computer has Duke being the highest rated team still in but Kentucky now seems to be the pick of all the prognosticators.

The computer had a fantastic first round predicting, going 25-7 picking winners and 22-10 against the spread while Vegas went only 19-13 picking winners.  Round 2 didn't go as well at 7-9 against the spread and 11-5 on winners with Vegas 10-6 on winners.

2Duke94.24731-581.833+0, +0.195
3Syracuse93.10630-480.966+0, +0.021
4Kentucky92.58234-280.312+1, +0.839
5Kansas St92.52227-783.312-1, +0.547
6Baylor91.68026-781.687+0, +0.174
7Ohio State91.39629-780.280+1, +0.036
8West Virginia91.34029-683.243-1, -0.141
10Purdue89.46729-581.219+4, -0.001
14Butler89.17530-479.540+6, +0.780
16Xavier OH88.94826-881.083+3, +0.508
19St Mary's CA88.34627-578.002+8, +0.573
22Washington88.06226-980.495+7, +0.465
25Northern Iowa87.80830-478.886+5, +0.430
26Tennessee87.69827-881.222+7, +0.649
28Michigan St87.67026-881.108-3, -0.274
34Cornell NY86.69927-476.238+29, +2.633