Monday, March 8, 2010

College Basketball Rankings through 3/7/2010

The computer's college basketball ratings and rankings have been updated on the web-site through games played Sunday the 28th.

With post-season tournaments now the only thing between now and the 65 team tourney, it is interesting to see how things are shaping up.  The top-25 are below and Kansas moves to #1 and West Virginia jumps into the top-4 as the big changes.

If the season ended today the computer says the four #1 seeds should be Kansas, Duke, Syracuse, and WVU.  Look for a more detailed bracket analysis shortly.

1Kansas96.28929-281.334+1, +1.470
2Duke94.70826-582.088-1, -0.247
3Syracuse93.61028-380.931+0, -0.631
4West Virginia91.80824-683.545+2, +0.734
5Kentucky91.40629-279.850+0, +0.130
6Kansas St91.28723-682.481-2, -1.510
7Baylor91.26023-680.995+4, +1.043
8Ohio State90.96024-780.074+1, +0.327
9Purdue90.86026-480.972-2, -0.092
10Brigham Young90.79027-478.010+2, +0.604
11Villanova90.60624-682.447-3, -0.123
12Wisconsin90.55923-781.524+1, +0.839
13Maryland90.25222-781.056+1, +0.627
14Texas A&M89.61321-882.105+5, +0.886
15Missouri89.45722-980.160-5, -0.887
16Georgetown DC89.37320-983.187+0, +0.193
17Marquette89.05120-1080.668+0, +0.249
18Texas89.01023-881.313-3, -0.503
19California88.97821-981.684+1, +0.347
20Xavier OH88.80023-780.508-2, +0.044
21Pittsburgh88.56524-781.597+1, +0.175
22Michigan St88.42324-781.006-1, -0.156
23Temple88.30526-580.367+4, +0.405
24Clemson88.25221-981.255-1, +0.060
25Gonzaga87.82425-578.168+3, +0.176