Thursday, March 18, 2010

Observations from the computer's bracket

As I filled out the computer's bracket, I came across some interesting observations.  For the record the computer's bracket simply has the higher rated teams going the farthest using the rankings through Sunday the 14th.  You'd think this might make for a boring bracket but there are a few surprises and interesting observations.

  • Kansas State has the toughest road to the Final Four of the computer's top-4 as the computer has them losing to Syracuse in the Regional Final.
  • The highest seeded upset predicted is Baylor to get to the Regional Final, not Villanova (3 over 2).
  • BYU has a tough road for being ranked #10 having to face #4 Kansas State in the second round.
  • Texas A&M at #15 is the highest ranked team to not be picked to make the sweet 16.
  • Butler at #20 is the lowest ranked team to be picked to make the sweet 16.
  • The west region (Syracuse) is the slowest to fill up going down the rankings, an indication of an easy road for Syracuse.
  • Missouri is the first upset (10 over 7) predicted in the first round.
  • Utah State is the highest ranked team (#26) to not be picked to win a game.  Clemson at #28 is the second.
  • The south region is the first one to completely fill up (St. Mary's at #27 completes it).
  • Northern Iowa is a 9 seed over an 8 prediction.
  • The east is the second region to fill up (New Mexico at #31).
  • The midwest is the third region to fill up (Ok. State at #36).
  • The lowest ranked team picked to win a game is Gonzaga at #38.
There you have it.  In addition to tracking my computer's picks, I will also track how the major polls would pick, the Sagarin rankings, and a few others and will be posting periodically how they compare.

Now to watch the games!