Monday, October 1, 2012

Update! Estimated Dynamic NTRP for Denver Metro Area - Now with charts

I wrote earlier that I can now generate summary reports for women in the Denver Metro area.  I have an update on what is now included in the report.  The big news being a chart to show match by match performance.  Here is an example:

Jane Doe
Current NTRP: 4.5
Estimated DNTRP: 4.47
Match Record: 12-2
Sets Won-Lost: 24-5
Games Won-Lost: 155-72
Best Match Result: 4.92 on 2012-08-25
Worst Match Result: 3.80 on 2012-06-26
Highest Estimated DNTRP: 4.55 on 2012-09-19
Lowest Estimated DNTRP: 4.28 on 2012-06-26

This chart shows both how the Estimated DNTRP changes with each match, and the specific rating computed for an individual match.  This gives a nice visual view of how each match is rated and the trends in your rating.

If you are interested in purchasing a report, please contact me.