Sunday, October 14, 2012

College Football Week 7 Ratings and Rankings - K-State stays #1

This week's ratings and rankings are now posted.

For the first time in several weeks, we have a #1 team stick around for 2 consecutive weeks.  Kansas State stays #1 but just barely over Oklahoma.  Both had wins over highly rated 1-loss teams, OU's being more impressive having them leap in the ratings.  Alabama falls to #2 and another Big-12 team in Texas Tech is up to #4.  Oregon slots in at #5 and Florida #6.

Why does the computer give the Big-12 more props than the SEC?  Simply put, they have gone 26-3 in non-conference games while the SEC has gone 31-7.  And the Big-12's losses are only to 6-1 Northern Illinois and Rice (both by Kansas), and to Arizona by Oklahoma State.  And they have a win (Texas 66-31 over Ole Miss) in the one head to head with the SEC.  Plus they have wins over a 4-2 Iowa, 4-3 Miami, and 4-2 Maryland.

The top-25 is below, full ratings on the site.

1Kansas St101.6616-070.288+0, +6.601
3Alabama94.7386-069.795-1, -0.116
4Texas Tech92.7635-174.348+7, +9.725
5Oregon89.7106-061.606-1, -0.437
6Florida86.9166-073.222+0, -0.528
7South Carolina85.8696-170.105-2, -2.647
8Iowa St85.8384-277.525+13, +7.475
9Texas A&M83.6815-169.129-2, -1.217
10Notre Dame83.6786-071.210-1, -0.759
11Texas83.4344-277.001-3, -1.022
12Southern Cal81.1345-169.265+4, +1.725
13Arizona St80.9815-165.706+2, +0.889
14Oregon St80.8235-072.542+14, +5.313
15TCU80.6185-163.067+19, +7.092
16LSU80.5156-166.209+1, +1.156
17Georgia80.2615-167.166-4, -1.590
18West Virginia80.1025-171.861-8, -4.001
19Michigan79.4874-269.572-5, -0.824
20Florida St79.4786-157.121-1, +0.433
21Stanford78.6644-274.400-3, -0.680
22Mississippi St78.4366-059.378+0, +0.586
23Rutgers77.6416-060.622+0, -0.165
24Utah St77.5825-266.560+14, +5.204
25Ohio State77.4967-065.236-5, -1.119