Sunday, October 28, 2012

College Football Week 9 Ratings and Rankings - The top-4 emerge

This week's ratings and rankings are now posted.

And K-state is #1 for the 4th week in a row with a new #2 in Alabama close behind.  Oregon stays at #3, jumped by Alabama, but is just over 0.2 behind so a dead heat.  After the top-3, things drop off a bit but a new #4 in Notre Dame up 9 spots is right there.  The computer finally was impressed at Notre dame went on the road and won against a quality opponent by a good score.

The Big-12 as a whole dropped due to OU losing to Notre Dame, not always a lot of ranking spots but in the ratings as every team other than Oklahoma State and Kansas lost ratings points.  They are still the strongest conference as just one game doesn't override all the other good work they've done out of conference.

You can see the BCS compatible algorithm ratings and rankings as well where K-State is #1 and here they are followed very closely by Notre Dame at #2.  Interesting, Florida drops ratings points but only falls 1 spot to #3 ahead of Alabama.  This is based largely on strength of schedule and that will change somewhat after Bama goes to LSU next weekend.

The top-25 is below, full ratings on the site.

1Kansas St97.0128-072.910+0, -3.972
2Alabama96.7978-073.106+2, +1.161
3Oregon96.5848-067.376+0, -0.574
4Notre Dame90.0838-076.169+9, +6.827
6Florida88.6787-177.255-1, -3.381
7Texas Tech85.3836-275.558-1, -5.346
8Oregon St84.7186-176.672+3, +0.255
9LSU84.6427-170.195-2, -1.102
10Southern Cal84.5886-271.842+4, +1.759
11South Carolina84.3237-273.991-3, -0.563
12Arizona84.2945-376.159+0, +0.999
13Texas A&M83.8686-271.899-3, -0.652
14Georgia83.7307-171.986+10, +4.352
15Florida St83.0998-161.029+2, +1.646
16Stanford82.9796-276.318-1, +0.749
17Oklahoma St82.4705-267.027+1, +1.105
18Ohio State81.8859-068.810+11, +4.113
19Texas81.0426-274.734-10, -3.549
20Utah St80.9527-266.834+5, +1.620
21Mississippi St80.4677-165.386+0, -0.286
22Iowa St80.4295-375.543-2, -0.667
23Arizona St80.1635-371.463-4, -0.939
24Clemson79.2187-165.877+6, +1.978
25Brigham Young79.1265-471.274+9, +3.026