Sunday, October 7, 2012

College Football Week 6 Ratings and Rankings - New #1 in Kansas State

This week's ratings and rankings are now posted.

For the 3rd week in a row, we have a new #1.  All of the big games and upsets and big scores have caused a significant shakeup in the ratings and the result is that Kansas State moves to #1.  They get a big boost by Oklahoma, their biggest game to date, beating up on former undefeated Texas Tech.  Idle Alabama stays #2 and aforementioned Oklahoma moves to #3.  Oregon improved their rating but got passed by Oklahoma while South Carolina jumps 3 spots to #5.

Last week's #1, Florida, falls to #6, they won but not by as much as expected and were hurt by former opponent Kentucky not doing as well as expected.  Other big winners yesterday, Notre Dame and West Virginia, move up to #9 and #10, and the computer didn't like LSU before, having them #14 and they fall a bit more to #17 this week.  The computer also hadn't been fond of FSU and they too fall more to #19.

The top-25 is below, full ratings on the site.

1Kansas St95.0605-062.664+6, +9.731
2Alabama94.8545-067.508+0, +3.952
4Oregon90.1476-061.547-1, +2.537
5South Carolina88.5166-068.713+3, +3.944
6Florida87.4445-072.882-5, -3.838
7Texas A&M84.8984-168.013-2, -1.990
8Texas84.4564-172.671-2, -0.977
9Notre Dame84.4375-071.246+2, +4.351
10West Virginia84.1035-069.513+3, +4.336
11Texas Tech83.0384-169.053-2, -1.498
12Baylor81.8753-172.167+3, +2.758
13Georgia81.8515-167.447-9, -5.240
14Michigan80.3113-272.324+24, +7.609
15Arizona St80.0924-166.289-3, +0.217
16Southern Cal79.4094-167.321+5, +1.869
17LSU79.3595-163.750-3, -0.089
18Stanford79.3444-172.994+2, +1.723
19Florida St79.0455-157.178-9, -5.490
20Ohio State78.6156-064.913+8, +4.254
21Iowa St78.3634-169.406+10, +4.656
22Mississippi St77.8505-057.108+2, +1.402
23Rutgers77.8065-059.820+0, +0.808
24San Jose St76.5454-166.144+5, +2.234
25Arizona76.3623-371.139+2, +1.202