Sunday, October 21, 2012

College Football Week 8 Ratings and Rankings - K-State remains #1

This week's ratings and rankings are now posted.

An K-State stays #1 for the 3rd week in a row.  Even though they thumped WVU, their rating dropped slightly due to prior opponents Kansas and Iowa State doing worse than expected.  OU stays #2, their only loss was to #1 K-State and they have thumped everyone else.  Oregon improves to #3 after a convincing win in their most meaningful game of the year thus far.  Oregon's move drops Alabama to #4 even though Bama improved their rating slightly.  Florida falls in at #5 making a convincing move improving their rating over 5 points, but that garnered them only a 1 spot ranking improvement.

The top-25 is below, full ratings on the site.

1Kansas St100.9847-073.092+0, -0.677
2Oklahoma100.6355-173.388+0, -0.555
3Oregon97.1587-066.746+2, +7.448
4Alabama95.6367-071.806-1, +0.898
5Florida92.0597-075.932+1, +5.143
6Texas Tech90.7296-175.202-2, -2.034
7LSU85.7447-170.266+9, +5.229
8South Carolina84.8866-273.896-1, -0.983
9Texas84.5915-277.824+2, +1.157
10Texas A&M84.5205-273.382-1, +0.839
11Oregon St84.4636-074.093+3, +3.640
12Arizona83.2954-374.696+14, +6.188
13Notre Dame83.2567-072.319-3, -0.422
14Southern Cal82.8296-168.435-2, +1.695
15Stanford82.2305-276.456+6, +3.566
16TCU81.9655-267.295-1, +1.347
17Florida St81.4537-159.692+3, +1.975
18Oklahoma St81.3654-266.678+13, +5.910
19Arizona St81.1025-270.474-6, +0.121
20Iowa St81.0964-377.711-12, -4.742
21Mississippi St80.7537-060.386+1, +2.317
22West Virginia80.7335-276.061-4, +0.631
23Rutgers80.5207-062.553+0, +2.879
24Georgia79.3786-167.838-7, -0.883
25Utah St79.3326-265.706-1, +1.750