Saturday, October 6, 2012

The computer's view of the 3 upsets today

The first big weekend that had some of the top teams playing each other resulted in some important results.

Computer #4 Georgia visited #8 South Carolina with South Carolina favored by both Vegas and the computer.  The computer had the winner right, but it was by far more than expected and South Carolina should move up.

Computer #1 Florida hosted #14 LSU and LSU was favored in the game.  The computer has not been impressed with LSU and picked Florida big and they won, but not by quite as much as picked.  Nevertheless, the computer got the upset right and pick against the spread.  Because they won by less than expected though, Florida could lose a few ratings points, but it depends on all the other games too of course.

Computer #10 Florida State state visited #56 NC State and was favored, but the computer has also not been impressed with FSU having them only #10 while the polls have them #3.  So the computer did not pick the upset, but did pick Clemson against the spread and got that right.