Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Interesting College Football Week 6 Upset Picks - Florida, TTU, Syracuse, Purdue, Northwestern

The computer has several teams rated a bit differently than the polls and apparently different than Vegas as there are several key games where the computer is picking the upset.

LSU visits Florida, and frankly LSU has not impressed in some of their games while my computer has Florida #1.  But Vegas has LSU as the favorite.  The computer says pick the upset.

Oklahoma visits Texas Tech as a road favorite, OU having a loss but being the only one ranked in the polls.  But the computer really likes Texas Tech to win.

Syracuse hosts Pitt in a similar scenario to the above, although the computer's opinion on Syracuse pulling the upset is not quite as strong.

Similarly, Purdue hosts a disappointing Michigan squad as the underdog but the computer likes Purdue to win.

Staying in the B1G, Northwestern goes on the road to Penn State as an underdog but the computer likes them to win.

These 5 games will each go a long way to determining what happens in their respective conferences and have the traditional or recently better team favored, but the computer, looking at just the data, likes the underdogs.  Will tradition prevail or is the computer right?