Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Week 7 NFL Ratings Posted - Green Bay remains #1

The NFL ratings after week 7 are now posted here and below.

Green Bay stays #1 but the idle 49ers swap spots with the idle Patriots to get to #2.  New Orleans makes a strong move to get the #4 and now struggling Detroit drops to #5.

In the fight for the worst team, the three winless teams are "led" by St. Louis.

Why did the 49ers move ahead of New England when both teams were idle?  The Patriots prior opponents didn't do so well, Miami losing at home to a bad Denver team and Oakland losing very badly to Kansas City and so their rating dropped over a point, while San Francisco's did about what was expected and their rating stayed about where it was.  Now, perhaps the Oakland result is an aberration due to injuries and if so, that will settle out as the season moves on, and the Oakland result for New England will begin to carry less weight as well.

The computer went a so-so 7-5-1 against the spread overall but went a good 2-1 in best picks and 2-0 in locks.  See prediction performance here.

1Green Bay92.5477-080.820+0, +1.216
2San Francisco89.9695-182.716+1, -0.020
3New England88.9795-181.463-1, -1.128
4New Orleans87.6425-282.198+3, +1.984
5Detroit87.2225-283.279-1, -1.418
6Buffalo85.7394-282.395+0, -0.015
7Baltimore85.6324-279.209-2, -2.634
8Chicago85.4324-383.735+2, +2.332
9Dallas84.7973-382.567-1, -0.830
10Atlanta84.4344-384.065+9, +3.897
11Cincinnati83.6124-279.524+1, +0.562
12Houston83.5944-380.690+2, +1.585
13Pittsburgh82.9875-279.021+0, +0.445
14NY Jets82.5434-381.351-3, -0.514
15Tampa Bay82.0204-382.751+2, +0.735
16San Diego81.6394-280.230+0, -0.223
17Oakland81.3134-381.527-8, -3.557
18Philadelphia80.7372-481.992+0, +0.106
19Kansas City80.6113-382.078+6, +3.962
20Tennessee79.6443-380.297-5, -2.360
21Carolina79.5872-582.302+5, +3.496
22NY Giants79.1184-277.540-1, -0.448
23Minnesota78.6921-682.947+1, +1.585
24Seattle77.9102-481.847-1, -0.095
25Denver77.8092-481.917-3, -0.583
26Washington77.5533-377.923-6, -2.231
27Jacksonville77.3462-582.664+0, +2.882
28Cleveland74.4173-376.848+1, +0.291
29Arizona74.1601-579.308-1, -0.172
30Miami72.7470-681.497+0, -0.531
31Indianapolis71.8640-782.555+0, +1.278
32St Louis69.1400-683.397+0, -0.909