Sunday, October 9, 2011

College Football Week 6 Ratings and Rankings - Alabama stays #1

This week's ratings and rankings are now posted.  The rankings in the top-10 moved around a bit but generally were fairly stable.

Alabama stays #1 improving their rating and LSU improves theirs two and stays #2 although the teams are in a virtual tie right now and well ahead of new #3 Boise State.  BSU's schedule is generally weak the rest of the year with only 1 team (TCU) with a rating about BSU's current schedule strength so their rating could begin to leak a bit.

LSU and BSU moved ahead of Wisconsin even though the Badgers were idle.  This is largely because Wisconsin's only meaningful game this year was against Nebraska, and Nebraska proved to be a little weaker than expected against Ohio State, and Nebraska prior opponent Wyoming got drubbed 63-19 by Utah State, so both Nebraska (down 4 spots) and Wisconsin were hurt.  Wisconsin will have plenty of opportunity to improve this as they play Illinois, Penn State, and Michigan State still, but 2 of those aren't until the end of the season so their impact may depend on how those teams do the rest of the season too.

Oklahoma's impressive win over Texas boosts their rating over 2 points and their ranking up to #5.  They too will have an opportunity to state their case at the end of the year as they face K-State, Texas A&M, Baylor, and Oklahoma State in consecutive games to end the regular season.

Thirteen teams remain undefeated, but 5 will be lost due to head to head matchups.  Look for the projections shortly to see who is projected to finish the regular season undefeated.

The top-25 is below, the full rankings on the web-site.

1Alabama97.7216-070.058+0, +2.096
2LSU97.4226-071.687+1, +3.333
3Boise St91.3585-072.747+1, +2.312
4Wisconsin90.6145-063.332-2, -4.299
5Oklahoma89.2205-070.891+2, +2.444
6Oregon88.2694-169.277-1, +1.031
7Oklahoma St86.5545-068.920+1, +1.067
8Stanford85.8545-063.870-2, -1.178
9Arkansas84.5245-166.446+8, +6.116
10Michigan84.5116-064.883-1, -0.134
11Texas A&M83.4223-274.263+1, +2.642
12Notre Dame81.0124-273.055-1, -0.065
13Clemson80.9696-065.449-3, -1.066
14Arizona St80.9165-166.654+6, +3.265
15West Virginia80.8875-166.965+6, +3.544
16Georgia80.1074-273.056+6, +3.124
17Florida79.6654-271.621-4, -0.988
18Nebraska78.0735-169.509-4, -2.338
19Penn State78.0675-169.178+12, +3.707
20Rutgers78.0644-163.399+20, +5.110
21Baylor77.9564-164.429+20, +5.011
22Texas77.4884-170.669-7, -1.632
23TCU77.4504-267.082+9, +3.254
24South Carolina76.6485-166.110+1, +0.551
25Georgia Tech76.6036-061.149-6, -1.320