Sunday, October 2, 2011

College Football Week 5 Ratings and Rankings - New #1 Alabama

This week's ratings and rankings are now posted.  With several important games between top teams, there are some changes and favorites to make it to the BCS bowls are starting to show themselves.

With the computer's #1, #2, #3, #5, #7, #8, and #9 teams all winning in easy fashion, you might not think there would be a lot of changes, but indeed there are.  This is mostly due to who those wins were over and some impressive wins by teams outside the computer's top-10.

Alabama is the new #1 in large part due to their 38-10 drubbing of Florida, but also due to prior opponent Arkansas pulling the upset over Texas A&M, and other of their and Florida's prior opponents playing well.  This was enough to move them ahead of LSU who not only had a weak opponent but had  prior opponent Mississippi State lose by more than expected keeping them at about the same rating.  But the huge move in the top-10 is Wisconsin also jumping ahead of LSU with an enormous +10.5 ratings points jump after they manhandled Nebraska.

Boise State moves up a spot at Oregon's expense, but they and the rest of the top-10 are well back of the top-3 which are very close.  Stanford got dinged a bit by playing a weak UCLA squad and Oklahoma did their best to impress against Ball State, but playing a weak opponent is not the way to make a big move in the computer's eyes.

Another big mover joining the top-10 is Clemson.  With wins in consecutive weeks over the now #23, #27, and #36 teams, they are easily the highest ranked ACC team.

The top-25 is below, the full rankings on the web-site.

1Alabama95.6345-068.352+1, +3.925
3LSU94.0975-069.599-2, +0.980
4Boise St89.0544-072.031+1, +2.233
5Oregon87.2443-170.966-1, +0.381
6Stanford87.0404-065.589-3, -0.976
7Oklahoma86.7864-070.010+0, +1.987
8Oklahoma St85.4944-071.114-2, -1.281
9Michigan84.6595-064.447+0, +2.237
10Clemson82.0455-068.549+14, +6.010
11Notre Dame81.0873-275.345+4, +1.572
12Texas A&M80.7882-271.627-1, -1.328
13Florida80.6624-166.937-1, +0.157
14Nebraska80.4254-170.998-1, +0.366
15Texas79.1344-064.566+18, +5.593
16Tennessee78.6403-165.764+7, +2.276
17Arkansas78.4174-166.461+15, +4.857
18Pittsburgh77.9513-269.684+23, +6.754
19Georgia Tech77.9285-061.482-1, -0.461
20Arizona St77.6654-164.622-6, -2.355
21West Virginia77.3584-165.808+5, +2.552
22Georgia76.9933-270.772+7, +2.425
23Florida St76.9302-263.062+7, +2.832
24South Florida76.4174-164.906-14, -6.001
25South Carolina76.1064-168.593-8, -2.702