Sunday, October 2, 2011

College Football Week 5 Season Projections - 3 Undefeated Teams

And then there were 3 teams projected to finish undefeated.

Boise State and Alabama did nothing to diminish their chances and remain as projected undefeateds, but Wisconsin joins the group while South Florida and Oklahoma State fall out.  South Florida lost, and Oklahoma State had future opponent Texas improve dramatically this week resulting in 1 loss being projected for them.

While there are just 3 projected perfect seasons, and we know which 2 would get into the BCS Championship Game, 7 other teams have a decent shot at joining/replacing them.  LSU's one loss would be to Alabama so if they turn that around they would swap places.  Similarly Georgia Tech plays Clemson.  Stanford would not be an underdog in any game remaining, but does have Oregon to play.  Oklahoma and Oklahoma State both have each other to play plus Texas and Michigan misses Wisconsin but does still have to get through Michigan State, Nebraska, and Illinois.

The projected undefeated and 1-loss teams below, the full list on the web-site.

TeamRecord% chance% +1% -1
Boise St12-
Oklahoma St11-141.722.827.1
Georgia Tech11-134.312.433.7