Tuesday, October 18, 2011

College Football Week 7 Ratings and Rankings - Alabama stays #1

This week's ratings and rankings are now posted.  The rankings in the top-10 moved around a bit but generally were fairly stable.

Alabama and LSU stay in the top-2 spots with little change, but right behind them, while moving up only 1 spot but nearly 7.5 ratings points is Wisconsin.  Wisconsin's two meaningful opponents this year, Northern Illinois and Nebraska, both won or benefited from prior opponents doing better than expected and that push Wisconsin up.

Three undefeated teams (Michigan, Illinois, Georgia Tech) had losses leaving 10 remaining.  Look for the projections shortly to see who is projected to finish the regular season undefeated.

The top-25 is below, the full rankings on the web-site.

1Alabama98.5057-070.419+0, +0.784
2LSU98.3257-073.518+0, +0.903
3Wisconsin98.1116-062.403+1, +7.497
4Boise St92.2186-072.053-1, +0.860
5Oklahoma90.8696-072.207+0, +1.649
6Oklahoma St90.4196-072.303+1, +3.865
7Oregon90.0605-171.741-1, +1.791
8Arkansas89.7995-167.959+1, +5.275
9Texas A&M89.0384-277.272+2, +5.616
10Stanford86.8296-065.480-2, +0.975
11Clemson85.8987-068.415+2, +4.929
12Arizona St82.8635-272.516+2, +1.947
13Nebraska82.5725-174.017+5, +4.499
14West Virginia82.2945-168.090+1, +1.407
15Kansas St81.1716-069.311+15, +5.775
16Georgia81.0715-273.793+0, +0.964
17Notre Dame80.7924-272.642-5, -0.220
18Michigan80.6096-168.028-8, -3.902
19Michigan St80.0195-166.297+19, +6.005
20Missouri79.6153-372.477+13, +4.817
21SMU79.6125-167.633+10, +4.262
22TCU79.0464-268.692+1, +1.596
23Baylor78.9194-270.841-2, +0.963
24South Carolina78.6716-169.394+0, +2.023
25Virginia Tech78.6026-169.077+16, +5.184