Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NFL projected records after week 7

The projected playoff picture again stays pretty consistent week to week.  See the full list of projections here.  And new, see a summary of the projected playoff teams by week.

As can be seen from the summary, the only change this week is Tampa Bay out and Atlanta in as a wildcard in the NFC.

The AFC still has a few things that could easily change with Baltimore and Cincinnati at 11-5 tying for the division (but Baltimore getting the nod based on already have a win over Cincinnati this year) and Pittsburgh just a game back at 10-6.  Pittsburgh does have a 23% chance of getting to 11-5 and Baltimore and Cincinnati a 25% and 26% chance of falling to 10-6 though, so this could stay very dynamic the rest of the year.

The AFC west is now projected to be a tie at 8-8 between San Diego and Oakland.  Both have a better than 25% of getting to 9-7 though.

The NFC does get a little more interesting this week though as there are 3 teams vying for the 2 wildcards. Atlanta, Detroit, and Chicago are all projected to be 10-6 with Atlanta and Detroit currently getting the nod.  With each team having a win and a loss against the others, this may hinge on the week 10 Detroit/Chicago game.