Saturday, October 29, 2011

College Football Week 9 Ratings and Rankings - LSU to #1

This week's ratings and rankings are now posted.  With some formerly undefeated teams losing, there are some changes.

But at the very top, things are somewhat stable as Alabama and LSU stay in the top-2 spots, although they swap places this week.  They are still within half a ratings point so still a virtual tie.  Oklahoma State creeps closer, now just over 2 ratings points back, and Stanford leapfrogs Boise State, although those two teams are also in a virtual tie.

Other teams moving up this week include Oklahoma, Arizona State, and Nebraska, all with good wins.

There are now just 6 undefeated teams, but at least two will lose with Alabama/LSU and Oklahoma State/Kansas State playing in 2 weeks.  Look for the projections shortly to see who is projected to finish the regular season undefeated.

The top-25 is below, the full rankings on the web-site.

1LSU96.8038-073.632+1, -0.929
2Alabama96.3398-071.025-1, -1.514
3Oklahoma St94.1878-074.925+0, +2.033
4Stanford91.3948-069.862+2, +1.536
5Boise St91.3177-071.667+0, +0.324
6Oregon89.3787-171.413-2, -1.924
7Oklahoma88.5217-173.887+3, +2.114
8Wisconsin84.2866-267.331+0, -2.604
9Arizona St83.9646-271.628+3, +0.181
10Texas A&M83.7365-375.328-3, -4.115
11Arkansas83.0217-169.868-2, -3.682
12Nebraska82.4637-171.375+7, +2.519
13South Carolina82.2697-172.524+5, +1.775
14Georgia82.2166-274.622+1, -0.078
15Missouri81.8814-476.749+12, +3.715
16Southern Cal81.3326-274.722-3, -1.330
17Clemson81.1938-169.667-6, -4.916
18Michigan81.0037-168.241-1, +0.391
19Texas80.2755-273.427+14, +2.983
20Michigan St79.5146-271.055-4, -2.437
21Notre Dame79.4445-372.612+2, +0.415
22Houston78.5958-061.947+14, +1.957
23Kansas St78.5077-171.110-9, -4.045
24Florida St78.2715-365.481+4, +0.143
25Southern Miss78.0537-164.070+10, +1.378