Monday, September 26, 2011

NFL projected records after week 3

Three games in, the projected playoff picture is becoming a bit clearer.  See the full list of projections here.

In the NFC Green Bay is projected to go 15-1 and lead the entire NFL.  They would be favored in all their games, but with 13 to go the cumulative chance that they lose 1 is still higher than winning them all.  The other NFC playoff teams would be New Orleans, Dallas, and San Francisco, with wildcards Detroit and Washington.  Interestingly the computer is projecting that it will take an 11-5 record to make the playoffs.

In the AFC, New England still leads the way but at just 13-3 now.  The other division winners are projected to be Houston, Oakland, and Baltimore, with wildcards Buffalo and Tennessee.  Again, an 11-5 record is required to make the playoffs.