Sunday, September 11, 2011

2011 college football ratings are up

The early season ratings are usually not very accurate, but are still interesting nonetheless.  Given that, the NCAA college football ratings through week 2 (9/10) are now posted here.

Along with that, the projected records for all FBS teams using the week 2 ratings is here.

With just one or two games played by most teams, there is limited data to base the ratings on, but at this point, LSU's week 1 win over Oregon has them a far and away #1.  The polls have Oklahoma #1 and my computer has them #3.  There will be big changes from week to week early in the season so never fear if your favorite team isn't ranked where you think they should be.

And LSU is one of two teams projected to finish the regular season undefeated, along with Boise State.  Virginia Tech, Central Florida, Stanford, and Oklahoma are projected to have just 1 loss and decent shots of finishing undefeated too, and with the probable big changes in ratings the next few weeks we could see changes in the projections too.