Thursday, February 4, 2016

How do Roger Federer's 2004 through 2007 seasons compare to Novak's 2011 and 2015?

I took a look at what are considered to be Novak Djokovic's two best seasons (2011 and 2015) compare using an Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Report chart, so next up is Roger Federer's 2004 through 2007 run.

First, 2004.

He was well over 7.0 early in the year with consistently high results at the Australian Open, then hung around 7.0 much of the rest of the year but dipped with the Cincinnati and Olympics losses, then had some closer than expected wins in Bangkok and the Masters Cup to finish just under 7.0.  The average dynamic rating for the year was 7.00.

Next, 2005.

Arguably his best year record wise, 2015 did have him over 7.0 more consistently with high points around/over 7.1 at the majors and Indian Wells.  He dipped late again though with closer than expected matches in Bangkok and the Masters Cup again.  The average for the year was his high of 7.01.

Next, 2006.

This year looks similar to 2005 with some similar peaks, getting almost 7.2 at Wimbledon, and again finishing just under 7.0.  The average for this year was 6.99.

Last, 2007.

This year does not have the same peaks, but he hung right around 7.0 and managed to finish the year just over at 7.02.  But the average for the year was the low of this four year run at 6.97 as the same peaks weren't there.

Comparing to Novak's 2011 and 2015, they are very similar, perhaps Fed's 2005 having higher peaks, but Novak's 2011 being more consistent.  Those charts here for comparison.

Novak 2011.

His average of 7.04 is his high and a testament to his consistency.

And Novak 2015.

This average was just 6.95, his 2013 and 2014 actually having higher averages at 6.98 and 6.96.

What other seasons do you considered to be some of the best ever?