Saturday, October 31, 2015

2015 USTA League 40+ 4.0 Women Nationals semi-finals prediction

The semi-finals are set for the 40 & over 4.0 Women at the 2015 USTA League Nationals.

Northern California won a loaded flight 1 easily at 4-0 and 15-5 on courts, with 3 teams tied at 2-2 behind them.

Mid-Atlantic won flight 2 at 3-0 and 10-5 over Missouri Valley at 2-1 and 9-6.

Southern California won flight 3 at 3-0 and 11-5 over a 2-1 and 10-4 Florida.

And New England won flight 4 at 3-0 and 11-4 over a 2-1 and 9-6 Pacific Northwest.

With the matches from the flight taken into account, the top-8 average ratings say Northern Cal is an ever so flight favorite over Southern Cal, and New England is a similarly slight favorite over over Mid-Atlantic.  The final has Northern Cal a slightly larger favorite to beat New England.

We'll find out how it ends up tomorrow!