Saturday, October 10, 2015

How things look after day 1 at the 3.5 18 & over USTA League Nationals

Day one is complete, from what I hear it went late into the night as a heat rule went into affect and matches were delayed, and here is how things look in the Men's and Women's 3.5 USTA League Nationals.

For the 3.5 Men, flight 5 will settle the winner with a showdown today between Caribbean and Texas, both 2-0 and only one lost court between them.

Southern Cal controls flight 6 at 2-0 but with both wins being just 3-2, there is still an opening for Missouri Valley and Eastern.

Flight 7 finds Florida and Mid-Atlantic both 2-0, both 7-3 on courts, the winner to decide the semi-finalist.

And flight 8 is another close one with Northern Cal at 2-0 but also two 3-2 wins meaning Southern and Middle States still have a shot.

The 3.5 Women, flight 1 still has two matches to play, but Midwest and Florida are leading at 2-0 and the winner likely to come from that pair.

Flight 2 only had two teams get two matches in so Caribbean and Southern Cal are both 1-0, but a lot of tennis still to play.

Flight 3 has New England and Southern both just 1-0, so similarly a long way to go.

Flight 4 is led by Missouri Valley and Pacific Northwest both at 1-0.

Let's hope they aren't too hot today and get all the matches in on time!