Monday, November 2, 2015

2015 USTA League Adult Nationals are complete - Southern Cal takes the points chase, 4-way tie for most titles

The 2015 USTA League Nationals for the Adult divisions completed yesterday with the last 40 & over and 55 & over levels wrapping up.  The Mixed divisions are yet to have their Nationals in the next few weeks, but we can look back at the Adult divisions now.

I have kept track of the top-4 teams and champions for each level and division and doled out points for each placement, 4 points for first, 3 for second, and so on.

Overall, Southern, Florida, Caribbean, and Texas led the way each winning 4 titles.  However, Southern Cal, while winning just 3 titles, garnered the most points based on consistently making it to the semis and beat out Southern 35 points to 34.  Interestingly, third in the points race was Pacific Northwest with 30 points who didn't win any titles at all but still was consistently making the semis enough to beat out 3 of the 4 title section's point totals.

The USTA will probably be happy to know that every section did have at least one semi-finalist in the Adult divisions, although 6 sections had fewer than 10 points with Hawaii in last with just 3.  Interestingly, you'd think Caribbean would be similar to Hawaii, but the latter finished fifth overall with a whopping 22 points!

Looking at the divisions rather than overall, in the 18 & over Southern Cal had one title but a big lead with 21 points, well ahead of Southern with 16.  Florida, Northern Cal, and Pacific Northwest were tied with 12.

In the 40 & over division, it was a far more tight and balanced race with Texas leading the way with 11 points just ahead of Caribbean and Southern with 10 each.

The 55 & over division saw warm weather states in the lead with Florida, Southern Cal, Southern, and Southwest in the top-5 with Pacific Northwest spoiling the warm weather party tying for second.

Compared to last year where Texas, Southern Cal, Southern, Pacific Northwest, and Northern Cal led the way, the top teams are not all that different.  The USTA did some significant adjustments to year-end ratings last year to "punish" some of the sections that did well so if their goal was to get other sections winning more, it didn't quite work, especially for Southern Cal which went from second to first.  And Caribbean had a lot of bumps up but still came back strong this year.  It will be interesting to see if Southern Cal get adjusted significantly this year or if the USTA leaves things as is.  One can certainly see how there may be more bumps than normal for the 18 & over division there.

The end of Nationals also brings us the cut-off date for matches to count for year-end ratings.  The USTA will no be doing their calculations to arrive at year-end ratings which are typically published the Monday after Thanksgiving.  If you are impatient or want to know more than just a level, contact me and I can generate an Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Report for you showing you details on where your rating likely is and why.  And captains are now scouting for teams for next year, my reports can help with that too.

Congratulations to all those that went to Nationals this year, looking forward to next year already.