Friday, October 30, 2015

Day one of 40+ 4.0 USTA League Nationals is in the books

The first day of the last weekend of USTA League Adult Nationals is complete.

The 40+ 4.0 Women flights sees Northern Cal and Midwest leading flight 1 at 2-0.  They play tomorrow and the winner will likely win the flight.

Mid-Atlantic leads flight 2 at 2-0 and they play 0-2 Hawaii tomorrow so any win gets them to the semis, but a loss and one of the 1-1 teams will advance.

Flight 3 is led by Northern and Southern Cal, both at 1-0, and flight 4 is led with PNW and New England at 1-0.  There is a lot of tennis to go in each of these flights.

The 40+ 4.0 Men flights has Texas leading flight 5 at 2-0, but with 2 matches to play tomorrow, several teams still in it.

Middle States leads flight 6 at 2-0 and almost has it wrapped up, needing just 2 courts to advance to the semis.

Flight 7 is led by Southern Cal, but they likely need a win to advance.

And flight 8 is led by Intermountain, they get to play 0-2 Southwest in their match tomorrow to get to the semis.

Good luck to all!