Saturday, October 17, 2015

Nothing decided yet for the 40 & over 3.0 Women at 2015 USTA League Nationals

After the first day of the 40+ 3.0 Women's Nationals, nothing has been decided.

Flight 1 has a 2-0 team in Northern Cal, but with two matches still to play and other teams 1-0 (Mid-Atlantic) and 1-1 (Caribbean), far to early to call it.

Flight 2 is tight with two 1-0 teams (both won 3-2) and two 0-1 teams (lost 3-2) so much to be decided today.

Flight 3 does have a 2-0 team in New England, but with both wins just 3-2 and two 1-1 teams (6-4, and 5-5), any of those teams could still win it.

Flight 4 is like flight 2 except Texas did win 4-1 so has a flight advantage, but two matches today will tell the story.