Friday, October 2, 2015

Initial results of picking matches at the 2015 USTA League Men's 18 & over 3.0 Nationals

I wrote yesterday about how my Estimated Dynamic NTRP Ratings would predict the first few matches of the 18+ 3.0 Men Nationals.  The matches are complete and here is how things played out.

Flight 5

Mid-Atlantic narrowly over Intermountain - Missed, Intermountain pulled the slight upset 3-2.
Northern California over Missouri Valley - Correct, NorCal won 3-2.

Flight 6

Eastern over Pacific Northwest - Missed, PNW pulled 3-2 upset.
Midwest over Southern California - Correct, Midwest won 4-1.

Flight 7

Texas narrowly over Southern - Correct, Texas won 4-1.
Caribbean over Florida - Correct, Caribbean won 4-1.

Flight 8

Middle States over New England - Correct, Middle States won 4-1.
Southwest narrowly over Northern - Correct, Southwest won 4-1.

The matches appear to have been fairly competitive with no 5-0 wins.  And the average ratings correctly predicted 6 of 8 and the two misses were both just 3-2 so still close.