Sunday, October 11, 2015

When will 2015 USTA NTRP year-end ratings come out?

There are still several weekends of Nationals still to be played, but a popular question is now becoming when will year-end ratings be out?  The short answer is they typically come out the week after Thanksgiving, but let's take a look at the whole process.

Asside from Early Start Ratings that come out in some sections, the USTA publishes ratings for players once a year with what are called year-end ratings.  What is slightly odd is that while they are called "year-end" and the date shown for the rating on TennisLink is 12/31, they actually don't reflect play for the calendar year ending on that date.  Instead, they reflect play during the "USTA year" which is generally November thru October.

The reason for this is several fold.  First, in many areas, league play starts right away in January so players really need to know their rating far enough in advance to plan and assemble rosters.  Second, the main league play for the year is complete once Nationals finish, which is usually the end of October or so.

What all this means is that once the last 18+/40+/55+ Nationals finish (November 1st this year, November 9th last year), no more matches count towards your year-end rating and the USTA goes about calculating year-end ratings including adding in secondary leagues, tournaments, and doing benchmark calculations and any other adjustments they deem necessary.  Whether or not a full month is required for this, that is about how long it takes and the year-end ratings are published typically the Monday after Thanksgiving.  That would put the date as November 30 this year so we'll see if that is accurate this year.

Note that it isn't just Nationals matches from October that are included in your year-end rating.  Any matches you play in other leagues that count, even early start "2016" leagues, that are played on or before 11/1 will be included in your year-end rating.

So there you have it, the estimated date for year-end ratings is 11/30.  As always, should you want an estimate of where your rating is likely to be at year-end, or you just want to see how your rating has changed from match to match and over the course of the year, contact me to find out more about an Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Report.