Sunday, October 11, 2015

Four more 2015 USTA League National Championships are won

The second weekend of 2015 Nationals is complete and four more 18 & over teams are going home with National Championships.  After last week's Nationals, the 18 & over division is nearly complete with just the 2.5 level still to be played.

The 3.5 Women's title was won by Southern Cal as predicted earlier today.  Their semi was a close 3-2 win, but the final was a 5-0 white washing.

Texas was the favorite going in to the 3.5 Men's event and they pulled it out with 3-2 wins in the semis and final as predicted.

The 4.5 Women saw the favorite Missouri Valley beat Southern Cal as predicted.

And the 4.5 Men saw Midwest win the title after favorite Southern was beaten 3-2 by Southern Cal in the semis.

My Estimated Dynamic NTRP Ratings did very well predicting these semis and finals with 3 of 4 National Champs being predicted correctly.  Matches still have to be played naturally, but the stronger team by the numbers usually does win.

Congratulations to all!

Next weekend brings another set of Nationals, stay tuned for more details and previews.