Sunday, November 20, 2011

Preliminary week 12 College Football Ratings and Rankings

Here are my computer's preliminary week 12 ratings and rankings.  Still gathering a few scores, but all FBS games are in so these should be pretty close to the final ones.

As has been the case since week 6, LSU and Alabama are the top-2 teams.  The order has swapped a few times, but according to my computer they have been the clear top-2 teams most of the year.  And unlike the polls, my computer didn't drop Alabama just to do so after the loss.  Yes, they lost, but they were still the second best team in the country and so were rated/ranked appropriately.

For similar reasons, the 3 teams that lost this weekend remain in the 3 thru 5 spots.  They all lost significant ratings points, but because of the lead they had over Stanford/Boise/Arkansas/Wisconsin, they are still ahead of them.  Again, even with the loss the computer is saying these teams are better than those behind them.

Look for the final week 12 ratings and rankings on the web-site Sunday morning.

1LSU93.97911-070.977+0, -2.284
2Alabama91.91610-171.511+0, -1.124
3Oklahoma St86.72010-172.967+0, -4.429
4Oregon86.0039-271.474+0, -4.742
5Oklahoma85.3548-273.542+0, -2.903
6Arkansas84.28810-168.821+2, +0.604
7Boise St84.0679-168.456+0, -0.440
8Stanford82.55510-168.860-2, -2.309
9Wisconsin82.1779-265.576+0, -0.827
10Texas A&M80.5326-573.976+0, -0.303
11Michigan80.5209-268.906+3, +1.029
12Southern Cal79.9869-271.524+1, +0.271
13Georgia79.4089-268.781-2, -1.268
14Kansas St78.7479-273.173+1, -0.207
15Missouri78.3646-573.663-3, -1.746
16Houston78.32911-059.750+9, +1.252
17South Carolina78.1549-270.438+0, -0.636
18TCU77.7399-265.307+2, -0.550
19Michigan St77.5039-266.623+2, -0.630
20Texas77.1456-472.404-4, -1.704
21Notre Dame77.0808-369.365-3, -1.570
22Baylor77.0467-373.062+6, +1.430
23Nebraska76.2298-370.588-4, -2.290
24Virginia Tech75.88310-166.977+2, -1.029
25Penn State75.6819-269.054+4, +0.133