Wednesday, November 23, 2011

NFL performance charts after week 11

When I post preview of games, I always include the current performance charts.  So I thought I'd share the full set of performance charts for the NFL and they are below.

These charts allow visualization of the performance of a team and you can quickly see how consistent a team is, how they have improved or regressed, and many other trends.

There is a bunch of information in these so a quick key.

  • The green/red dots show how a team performed in a given game.  A green dot a win and a red dot a loss, but the position on the y-axis shows the points they are getting for that game used to compute a current rating, and the size of the dot says how meaningful a game is.
  • The black horizontal line is the current rating.
  • The dark blue line is the rating/ranking by week.
  • The light blue line is the schedule strength/ranking by week.
  • The yellow diamonds are the current rating of the opponent by week.
It is no surprise that the best teams show consistency and any inconsistencies are usually a loss.  Green Bay has been hovering right around the high 80s and low 90s in all their games.  San Francisco has as well, except for their early season loss to Dallas.

Baltimore is another interesting example to look at.  They have a bunch of dots well above or well below their current rating, showing how up and down they have been this year.

This also shows how a loss is not necessarily a bad thing.  Look at New Orleans for example, and how their week 1 loss to Green Bay is actually slightly higher than their current rating.  Nor is a win always a good thing, Baltimore's win over Arizona being well below their average.

Let me know what you think!