Sunday, November 6, 2011

College Football Week 10 Ratings and Rankings - LSU remains #1, Alabama stays #2!

This week's ratings and rankings are now posted.  The "game of the century" was a great defensive battle but being so close, actually didn't change that much at the top.

Alabama stays #2 even with the loss.  My computer had already moved LSU to #1 narrowly ahead of Alabama last week perhaps foretelling the upset they pulled off.  The reason Alabama stays #2 is because LSU and Alabama were so clearly ahead of all the other teams other than Oklahoma State, and their close win over Kansas State was less than the computer expected so they actually lost more ratings points than Alabama did with their loss.

My computer does not necessarily punish a loss nor reward a win, if a loss or win was already expected, and that is the case here.  Alabama was expected to win narrowly and lost a close game so they did fall 2.7 ratings points, and Oklahoma State was supposed to win but win big and they only won by a touchdown, so they fall too.

Behind the top-3, Oklahoma moves to #4 after a solid game, but more because Stanford and Boise State didn't win like they should have.  Also, in Stanford's case, 6 of their 8 prior opponents lost, several by more than expected, and Boise State had prior opponent Fresno State lose badly.

There are now just 5 undefeated teams.  Look for the projections shortly to see who is projected to finish the regular season undefeated.

The top-25 is below, the full rankings on the web-site.

1LSU96.2989-074.671+0, -0.505
2Alabama93.6208-172.185+0, -2.719
3Oklahoma St91.0979-073.683+0, -3.090
4Oklahoma88.5458-173.742+3, +0.024
5Stanford88.1619-067.225-1, -3.233
6Oregon87.8768-170.048+0, -1.502
7Boise St87.4858-067.775-2, -3.832
8Arkansas82.9378-168.648+3, -0.084
9Wisconsin82.1687-265.252-1, -2.118
10Texas A&M81.3955-475.773+0, -2.341
11Arizona St80.6056-370.630-2, -3.359
12Texas80.5976-271.826+7, +0.322
13Georgia79.9507-270.582+1, -2.266
14Missouri79.5894-575.646+1, -2.292
15Clemson79.4638-167.862+2, -1.730
16South Carolina79.3927-272.840-3, -2.877
17Southern Cal79.0267-271.551-1, -2.306
18Kansas St78.5567-272.972+5, +0.049
19Florida St77.8376-364.638+5, -0.434
20Southern Miss77.7068-163.657+5, -0.347
21Houston77.5539-060.295+1, -1.042
22Michigan77.5077-267.747-4, -3.496
23Nebraska77.3447-268.689-11, -5.119
24Notre Dame77.2936-370.545-3, -2.151
25Baylor76.6795-373.399+7, -0.805