Sunday, November 13, 2011

Analyzing the 11/13/2011 AP Poll, one voter has Boise #25!

I analyzed the AP poll last week, and here is the same stuff this week.

The summary view is in this chart.  The top-25 teams are listed across the X axis and the top and bottom of the vertical lines for each team indicates the high and low ranking the team has received.

We can see that LSU is getting all the 1st place votes and Oklahoma State and Alabama getting all the 2nd place.

We can also compare Oklahoma State and Alabama and see that this week the Cowboys are ahead of Alabama 52 times versus 46 times last week.

Another interesting comparison is Oklahoma and Oregon, Oregon now being ahead 44 times with an average gap of 1.5 versus Oklahoma being ahead 16 times with an average gap of 1.25.

Oregon and Alabama in what could be the competition to play LSU again?  Right now Alabama is way ahead, 58 times to just 2 for Oregon.

In what seems to be travesty, we can also see Boise State is ranked everywhere from 7 to 25.  Yes, they lost, but it was to a TCU that has only 2 losses and is #19 in the AP and Coaches polls (#20 in my computer).  Now, the #25 is the primary aberration, the lowest other vote they received was #19.

But who voted them #25?  None other than Craig James who seems to have a vendetta against them.  Who does he have ahead of them?

  • TCU at #20.  Fair enough, they won head to head, although TCU lost at home to a 6-4 SMU team my computer has #60 and at 6-3 Baylor that my computer has #28.  If you are going to play the head to head game, have to be more consistent.
  • Georgia at #12 that Boise State beat by 14 effectively at Georgia.  Again, if you are going to play the head to head game, need to be consistent.  They also lost to an 8-2 South Carolina, but none of their wins are against a team with a winning record!  In fact, by any objective measure Boise's schedule is about the same as Georgia's right now.  If you are going to ding Boise State, you have to ding Georgia too.
  • A 3-loss Florida State at #22 that has a loss to 5-5(!) Wake Forest and no win against an opponent with a winning record!
Boise has a win over a top-15 team and their sole loss to a top-20 team.  TCU can't claim that and FSU can't claim that nor can Georgia.  And there are more examples, but very hard to explain how one can justify ranking them so low other than wanting to make a point or having a vendetta against them.  IMHO, his vote should be taken away.

I have all the data, let me know if you have any questions.