Saturday, November 19, 2011

Might the BCS championship game not have conference champions?

I have not been shy about posing scenarios where the teams at the top have some unexpected losses.  But with Oklahoma State, Oregon, and Oklahoma all losing in the past 24 hours, things have gotten stranger than even some of my far fetched ideas.  So, I'll need to go a little farther out to push the envelope now.

How about the BCS championship game not having a representative that won their conference championship?  It could very well happen now in a few different ways.  Yes, it requires a few upsets, but clearly those can happen after what we saw this weekend.

One scenario has all the 6 BCS conference champs all having two losses or more, while several 1-loss teams are standing by.  How is that?

  • SEC - Georgia with 2-losses beats any one of LSU/Alabama/Arkansas for the SEC.  If they beat LSU, both LSU and Alabama could be non-champs with just 1-loss.
  • Big-12 - Oklahoma has 2-losses now but could still win the Big-12 by beating Oklahoma State which would leave them with 2-losses as well.
  • Pac-12 - Oregon could win the Pac-12 finishing with 2-losses, while Stanford stands by with just 1-loss.
  • ACC - Clemson could win with 2-losses.
  • B1G - One of MSU/PSU could win with 2-losses.
  • Big-East - Well, nuff said.
With these conference champs all with at least 2 losses, we could have 2 SEC teams with 1 loss, a Pac-12 team with 1 loss, Boise State with 1 loss, and Houston with 0 losses.  The voters and computers won't let Boise or Houston crash the party, but it is entirely possible that two of LSU/Alabama/Stanford could be in the top-2 in this scenario.

Should one have to win your conference to be in the BCS championship game?