Sunday, November 13, 2011

College Football Week 11 Ratings and Rankings - LSU remains #1, Boise and Stanford drop

This week's ratings and rankings are now posted.  This week's big game was higher scoring than last week's, and with the upset and Boise also losing, there are changes in the top-10.

The top-3 stay the same, Oklahoma State inching closer to Alabama for #2, but still over a ratings point behind.  With current #5 Oklahoma on their schedule though, they have a good chance of getting past Alabama after that game should they win.

Oregon moves up 2 spots to #4 moving past Oklahoma, and in what is a surprise on the surface, Boise State doesn't drop any spots and Stanford only drops 1 to #6.  Both of them had their ratings drop around 3 points, but because of the gap behind them last week, they both stay in the top-7.  Arkansas is lurking at #8 and if they were to somehow beat LSU in a two weeks they could jump into the top teams.

There are now just 3 undefeated teams.  Look for the projections shortly to see who is projected to finish the regular season undefeated.

The top-25 is below, the full rankings on the web-site.

1LSU96.26310-072.370+0, -0.035
2Alabama93.0409-172.523+0, -0.580
3Oklahoma St91.14910-073.159+0, +0.052
4Oregon90.7459-172.035+2, +2.869
5Oklahoma88.2578-173.608-1, -0.288
6Stanford84.8649-169.424-1, -3.297
7Boise St84.5078-168.759+0, -2.978
8Arkansas83.6849-168.463+0, +0.747
9Wisconsin83.0048-265.632+0, +0.836
10Texas A&M80.8355-576.103+0, -0.560
11Georgia80.6768-269.866+2, +0.726
12Missouri80.1105-575.129+2, +0.521
13Southern Cal79.7158-271.005+4, +0.689
14Michigan79.4918-269.127+8, +1.984
15Kansas St78.9548-273.302+3, +0.398
16Texas78.8496-372.800-4, -1.748
17South Carolina78.7908-272.505-1, -0.602
18Notre Dame78.6507-370.692+6, +1.357
19Nebraska78.5198-270.129+4, +1.175
20TCU78.2898-267.072+6, +1.955
21Michigan St78.1338-268.981+10, +2.540
22Arizona St77.8556-470.744-11, -2.750
23Clemson77.2029-166.607-8, -2.261
24Florida St77.1097-365.077-5, -0.728
25Houston77.07710-059.218-4, -0.476