Sunday, January 2, 2011

Final 2010/11 NFL Regular Season Ratings and Rankings

With Seattle's win over St. Louis, the regular season ends.  See the site for full ratings and rankings.

New England remains a far and away #1 and #2 thru #4 stay the same behind them.  The Jets swap with Atlanta at #5 and #6 and Philly and New Orleans swap at #8 and #9.

The best team to not make the playoffs is San Diego at #11 with the Giants and Tampa Bay at #12 and #13 close behind.  The worst team to make the playoffs is Seattle at #29.

I'll be posting a Super Bowl chances blog entry in just a minute so look for that.

1New England90.79314-282.837+0, +0.491
2Green Bay87.85010-682.319+0, +0.208
3Pittsburgh87.40712-481.895+0, +0.809
4Baltimore86.45212-481.614+0, -0.143
5NY Jets86.34111-582.632+1, +0.592
6Atlanta85.81813-379.990-1, -0.031
7Chicago84.66411-581.752+0, -0.050
8Philadelphia83.23410-681.204+1, -0.603
9New Orleans83.07211-579.651-1, -1.068
10Indianapolis82.93310-680.406+0, -0.106
11San Diego82.6699-778.890+0, +0.034
12NY Giants82.23910-680.175+0, +0.253
13Tampa Bay82.01110-679.790+3, +1.160
14Detroit81.7976-1082.839+1, +0.312
15Miami81.4557-983.643-1, -0.240
16Kansas City80.60310-678.448-3, -1.318
17Minnesota80.2126-1083.012+1, -0.325
18Oakland80.0988-879.161+5, +1.267
19Cleveland80.0115-1182.790-2, -0.784
20Dallas79.9456-1081.165+1, +0.516
21Tennessee79.7216-1080.757-1, +0.149
22Houston79.2066-1081.067+4, +0.852
23Cincinnati78.8844-1283.322+2, +0.214
24Jacksonville78.7528-880.228-5, -0.935
25Washington78.4636-1081.564-1, -0.222
26Buffalo78.4604-1283.988-4, -0.613
27St Louis77.0327-978.175+0, -0.741
28San Francisco77.0076-1079.042+0, +0.764
29Seattle75.5287-978.778+0, +0.712
30Denver74.2084-1279.955+0, +0.063
31Arizona72.5665-1178.726+0, -0.716
32Carolina71.8542-1481.474+0, +0.058

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  1. With all the injuries to the D in Seattle and playing for a 3rd OC in 3 years,..I say they did very good this year. Couple that with the major roster turnover. Youshould be happy they were even in any games,let alone beat the # 2 seed at their house. I don't see you talking much about that.