Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wildcard Weekend Preview

I'll likely post another entry as the lines get published and settle in, but I've posted early picks for wildcard weekend here.

In what I believe is a first, three of the four games are rematches of the final week of the season, two of those three even at the same location.

Green Bay goes back to Arizona where they just won 33-7 and based in large part on that win the computer picks them by 0.5.  As Arizona sat starters, the 33-7 is probably not indicative of the real Arizona team, but did sitting starters ruin whatever momentum they had?

Philly goes back to Dallas where they just got hammered 24-0 and the computer likes Dallas to win again by 4.3.  Philly had been moving up, so was this loss an aberation or is this the real Philly when playing at Dallas?

The Jets play Cincy again, but this time at the Bengals.  The Bengals clearly didn't go all out so the 37-0 score isn't indicative, but that score does lead the computer to pick the Jets to pull the upset by a narrow 0.3.  If the Bengals can pull it back together, clearly that isn't the right pick.

And in the only non-repeat game, Baltimore visits New England and the computer likes the home team by 5.4.

More to come later.