Monday, January 4, 2010

NBA Rankings Through January 3rd

I've updated the NBA rankings on the Schmidt Computer Ratings website through yesterday's games.

The top 3 stay the same but Cleveland, Boston, and the Lakers are all within about 1.5 ratings points so they are close.  Orlando and San Antonio move up a bit this week and are nipping at the heels of the Lakers.

I haven't spent the time to try to track the spreads for all the games and tune the computer to maximize the performance there, but am starting to and in the games I tracked last week the computer went 5-2 against the spread.  The picks for tonight's games are:
  • Miami +1.5 over Atlanta
  • Ok City +2.5 over Chicago
  • New Orleans +8 over Utah
  • Portland +4 over the Clippers
While it is picking underdogs in each of these games, 5 of the 7 last week it picked favorites.