Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And There Were Two - Colts vs Saints

We now know the Superbowl contestants and with form holding, which it rarely does, we have the top 2 teams from the regular season in each conference facing off. And while they weren't #1 and #2 coming in to this weekend (#1 and #5), they were every meaningful week of the season since week 5 and are once again in the week 20 rankings below.  As usual, the current rankings can always be found here.

The computer did pick the winners in both championship games, but had the wrong side of the spread in the Indy game with the Jets inability to score in the second half letting that margin grow too large and got a push in the New Orleans game where they simply let the Vikings have try after try to tie the score keeping that one too close.  That drops the post reason record to 5-4-1 against the spread but increases the picks on winners to 7-3.  See this page for details.

Look for a Superbowl preview soon, and as usual newsletter subscribers will get a detailed preview this week including some "what if" scenarios of what the prediction would be if Indy and NO hadn't shut things down.

1New Orleans87.90615-380.664+0, -0.154
2Indianapolis86.54816-280.619+3, +0.663
3Minnesota85.96913-579.763+0, +0.062
4Dallas85.84012-681.133+0, -0.056
5New England85.58610-782.233+1, -0.048
6NY Jets85.46211-882.582-4, -0.585
7San Diego84.93113-479.766+0, -0.065
8Baltimore84.81510-881.295+0, +0.063
9Green Bay84.75011-679.329+0, +0.019
10Philadelphia84.11911-681.362+0, -0.047
11Carolina83.9238-882.880+0, -0.095
12Atlanta83.8209-782.390+0, -0.103
13Houston82.7879-780.331+0, +0.058
14Pittsburgh82.1399-779.998+0, -0.014
15Arizona81.84711-779.724+0, +0.052
16San Francisco81.3248-879.202+1, +0.060
17Cincinnati81.27510-780.638-1, -0.093
18Miami80.9297-983.163+0, -0.059
19Tennessee80.6378-881.302+0, +0.066
20Buffalo80.4006-1082.456+0, -0.049
21NY Giants80.2098-881.886+0, -0.052
22Denver80.1098-880.860+0, -0.009
23Chicago78.4557-980.051+0, +0.010
24Tampa Bay77.6213-1383.317+0, -0.104
25Jacksonville77.4027-980.746+0, +0.039
26Washington77.0224-1280.536+0, -0.056
27Cleveland76.1825-1180.507+0, -0.013
28Kansas City75.5214-1280.538+0, -0.038
29Oakland74.5635-1181.311+0, -0.060
30Seattle74.4595-1179.780+0, +0.058
31St Louis70.2851-1580.393+0, +0.072
32Detroit69.5602-1480.975+0, +0.015