Monday, January 18, 2010

NBA and College Basketball Rankings through 1/17/2010

The NBA and College basketball ratings and rankings have been updated on the web-site through games played yesterday.

In the NBA, Cleveland remains #1 by a healthy margin over a new #2 in the Lakers.  The Lakers move up not so much because they had a great week but because Boston went 1-2 and fell.  The next 5 in San Antonio, Atlanta, Utah, Orlando, and Denver are very close behind, the 7 spots behind Cleveland all being covered by less than 1 rating point.

In College, Duke remains #1 by over 2 ratings points with Kansas and Texas very close behind.  Why isn't Texas, or even Kentucky rated higher given they are undefeated?  It is helpful to look at the performance charts for this, so here is Duke, Texas, and Kentucky for comparison.

While Duke has losses, they also have more highs than Texas or Kentucky.  Duke has 5 games scoring over 100 ratings points (Charlotte, Gonzaga, Clemson, Iowa St, and Wake Forest) while Texas has only 2 (Pitt and USC) and Kentucky just 1 (Florida).  And even in their 2 losses Duke scored 91 and 88 ratings points, while Texas has 4 wins that scored under 90 ratings points (Rice, Gardner-Webb, TAMU-Corpus Christi, and Texas A&M) and Kentucky has 8 such games.

In the end, the computer thinks Duke is better than Texas and Kentucky even though they have 2 losses and the others are undefeated.