Saturday, December 5, 2009

Congratulations Alabama and Texas

I have to say the Alabama / Florida game was a bit of a let down, but how about the evening games?

Congrats go to Alabama for manhandling Florida and deservedly going to the BCS Championship game.  Congrats go to Texas too for winning as it will in all likelihood get them there too, but that was not impressive.  Yes Nebraska has a good defense, but to win by 1 on a last second FG against a 4 loss team?

As I'll post shortly when all the games are done, Florida will likely stay at #2 in my rankings.  Yes, they lost and lose ratings points and more than Texas loses in their narrow win, but they had enough of a lead going in that they still stay ahead.  What this means is my computer still thinks Florida is the second best team in the country.

I have to say it would have been a lot more fun had Nebraska won as then Alabama's opponent would be who?  Logically TCU would move up as Cincy certainly wasn't impressive enough to leap frog them, but who knows.

So, what does that mean for the BCS bowls?  Here is what I predict:
  • BCS Championship - Alabama vs Texas
  • Rose - Ohio State vs Oregon
  • Sugar - Florida vs Cincinnati
  • Fiesta - TCU vs Boise State
  • Orange - Georgia Tech vs Iowa
Why that?  The Sugar gets first pick because they lost Alabama and will take Florida.  Fiesta gets the next pick since they lost Texas and takes TCU.  The Orange wants to draw fans and takes Iowa.  They could take Penn State and perhaps draw more fans but hard to take them since they lost to Iowa.  They could also take Cincinnati to get an unbeaten but doubt they will.  The Sugar gets next pick and takes Cincy leaving the Fiesta to complete their west/southwest undefeated matchup and what they can pitch as the "other" national championship.

I think Boise State gets it because there are no others that are worthy.  They aren't going to take the #2 from the Pac-10 (4 losses), Big-12 (3 losses), ACC (3 losses), or Big East (3 losses) and they can't take another SEC or Big-Televen team so Boise State is it.