Sunday, December 2, 2012

College Football Week 14 Ratings and Rankings - Oregon stays #1 ahead of Alabama

This week's ratings and rankings are now posted.

Oregon stays #1 this week with Alabama and Florida unchanged behind them.  Kansas State moves up 2 spots to #4 moving ahead of Texas A&M and Notre Dame.

Why didn't Alabama move up after their win over Georgia?  Simply put, as rated last week, Alabama was expected to win by more than they did resulting in their rating actually dropping slightly.

The BCS compatible algorithm ratings and rankings do have Notre Dame on top and they are followed by Florida and Ohio State, and Alabama does move ahead of Oregon to #4.

The top-25 is below, full ratings on the site.

1Oregon93.70811-172.868+0, -0.275
2Alabama91.03612-172.287+0, -0.636
3Florida88.74711-175.401+0, -0.541
4Kansas St88.09511-174.068+2, +0.726
5Texas A&M87.73610-273.392-1, -0.657
6Notre Dame87.72512-073.827-1, -0.252
7Georgia86.71011-272.920+0, -0.369
8South Carolina85.91110-273.382+1, -0.457
9Stanford85.57511-276.986-1, -0.844
10Oklahoma85.44310-273.981+1, +0.218
11LSU85.12910-273.698-1, -0.580
12Oregon St84.2459-375.103+0, -0.153
13Ohio State83.13412-069.399+1, -0.220
14Oklahoma St82.8567-573.151-1, -0.881
15Southern Cal82.5787-576.202+0, -0.253
16Utah St82.07710-265.887+0, +0.141
17Florida St80.67111-264.763+0, -0.804
18Baylor80.5977-576.201+5, +0.509
19Texas80.4658-475.754-1, -0.763
20Wisconsin80.3138-572.124+9, +1.936
21Arizona St79.9077-573.756+0, -0.269
22Arizona79.8447-574.752+0, -0.294
23Clemson79.83510-267.413-3, -0.393
24UCLA79.6769-474.599+1, -0.001
25Michigan79.2058-472.371-1, -0.570