Sunday, December 30, 2012

NFL Playoff Team Performance Charts

With the completion of the NFL regular season, it is interesting to take a look at the performance charts for the playoff teams to see how they are entering the post-season.  Here they are with a few comments.

The Patriot's rating was remarkably consistent, even if they had a few up and down games.

Denver started the season a bit lower, and started 2-3, but then went on  a streak and have been in the top-4 the last 8 weeks.

Seattle benefited from a win over Green Bay early, but finished the season very strong and moving up to #3.

The 49ers have had the lowest lows of any of the top-4 teams, but also some pretty high highs.

The Packers have been a bit up and down, but finished pretty strong until the loss to the Vikings who they get to play again.

Atlanta was strong early, but wasn't as good late, some questions entering the post-season.

Minnesota was the last team in, but finished strong in their last 4 to get there.

Houston is a bit like Atlanta, not finishing strong at all.

Washington had a worse start than Denver, 3-6, but have had a similar strong finish.

Baltimore has a similar profile to Houston and somewhat Atlanta, not finishing that strong.

Cincinnati also finished strong, just the lone loss to Dallas, to get into the playoffs.

The Colts had a very weak schedule and made the most of it, being #21 in the league but being amongst the 12 teams making the playoffs.  A lot of close wins is what didn't impress the computer.