Sunday, December 30, 2012

NFL Week 17 Ratings and Rankings - New England finished #1

The ratings after week 17 are now posted and listed below as well.

New England moves back ahead of Denver based primarily on Denver having to play the worst team in the league while the Patriots got to play now 7-9 Miami.  They are only a half point apart so it really is very close.

Behind them, Seattle stays ahead of San Francisco, despite San Francisco beating them out for the NFC West.  Atlanta falls more with their loss than Green Bay does leaving the Packers at #5 and the Falcons at #6.

It will be no solace to Chicago that they are #7 and ahead of Minnesota at #8 because they lost out on tie-breakers to them.  Houston's losing streak dropped them all the way to #9.

The Giants are another team that missed the playoffs but is ranked ahead of teams that made it.  The worst team in the playoffs?  The Colts way down at #21.

We are now on to the playoffs.  Look for more posts shortly.

1New England88.52312-480.320+1, +0.357
2Denver88.08113-379.177-1, -0.169
3Seattle87.65011-581.924+0, -0.056
4San Francisco87.09911-4-182.150+0, +0.050
5Green Bay85.89611-581.290+1, -0.274
6Atlanta84.95813-379.527-1, -1.216
7Chicago84.06010-681.363+1, -0.064
8Minnesota83.94610-681.484+1, +0.269
9Houston83.79412-479.902-2, -1.170
10NY Giants83.6029-780.989+0, +0.179
11Washington83.02110-680.597+1, +0.274
12Baltimore82.51910-680.111-1, -0.376
13Cincinnati82.38210-678.799+0, +0.214
14St Louis81.6147-8-182.785+0, +0.136
15Carolina81.5497-980.928+1, +0.627
16New Orleans80.5607-981.131-1, -0.667
17Tampa Bay80.3387-980.695+3, +0.990
18Pittsburgh80.3118-879.178+1, +0.382
19Dallas80.1008-881.347-2, -0.382
20Miami79.7317-980.485-2, -0.357
21Indianapolis79.52511-578.955+2, +1.010
22San Diego78.9387-979.111-1, -0.333
23Arizona78.4915-1182.889-1, -0.221
24Buffalo77.6616-1080.197+2, +0.931
25Detroit77.6354-1281.987+0, -0.145
26NY Jets77.2696-1081.018-2, -0.952
27Cleveland76.3275-1179.939+0, -0.365
28Tennessee75.7006-1080.204+0, +0.503
29Philadelphia73.8264-1281.157+0, -0.405
30Oakland73.2674-1279.700+0, +0.301
31Jacksonville71.3272-1480.526+0, -0.634
32Kansas City70.5822-1480.419+0, +0.208