Sunday, November 30, 2014

News Flash - USTA League 2014 year-end ratings may not be out on Monday!

USTA League year-end ratings have usually be released on the Monday after Thanksgiving, at least the past few years.  We've all assumed it would happen that way again this year, but I just learned the ratings release may be delayed a day or two so don't expect to see them on Monday.

The reason?  Adult Nationals have finished up around the end of October the past few years which gives the USTA a full four, sometimes five, weeks to do all the year-end calculations.  This year they were played through November 9th which leaves only three weeks to meet the same Monday after Thanksgiving deadline.  My guess is that was a little too tight which is causing the delay.

So expect the ratings to be out on Tuesday or Wednesday this week, but I imagine it could be later if something goes wrong or there are complications.  And I suppose there is a chance they are still out on Monday but from what I hear that isn't the case.

That means there is still time to get an Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Report if you are anxious to know where your rating might end up or just want to see more details on how your matches rated individually and how your rating progressed throughout the year.  That isn't to say getting a report after ratings come out isn't useful, last year I did a bunch for players that wanted to know why they were/weren't bumped.

Or, if you are a captain and looking to recruit players and don't want to wait to find out what level a player is going to be, I can do team reports or lists of ratings to help captains decide who to recruit.

Contact me if you are interested in any reports or leave a comment on the blog if you have any questions.