Thursday, November 27, 2014

USTA League Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Report Black Friday Sale

USTA League year-end NTRP ratings should be out early next week, they are traditionally a Cyber Monday event, but if you are impatient or wanting to get more detail than just your 2015 rating level, I'm having a sale on both individual and team Estimated Dynamic NTRP Rating Reports today thru the end of day Friday November 28th, 2014.  All 2014 reports will be 50% off the regular price.

For those that may be new to my ratings and/or this blog, I calculate estimated Dynamic NTRP ratings for players that play USTA League and generate individual and team reports showing summary statistics for the year and a chart showing match by match how the player's dynamic rating has changed.

Here for example is a chart for a 4.5 player that had a good year and improved their rating after an early dip early in the year, but is likely to remain a 4.5 at year-end and not be bumped up to 5.0.

If all you care about is your year-end rating and don't care how you got there or why it isn't higher/lower, my reports aren't for you.  The single rating the USTA gives you next week is enough for them.  But I have found many players are curious and want to know why they weren't bumped up or down or want to see how their game is progressing, information you will never get from what the USTA publishes.

And if you are a captain and want to see how your team stacks up, or if you are recruiting and want to identify the highest rated players to go get, reports can be an invaluable resource.  And with the new partner reports I've added, you can get real data telling you which partners play the best together from a ratings perspective.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the 50% sale thru tomorrow, contact me with any questions or your information and I'd love to generate a report for you.