Monday, December 1, 2014

2014 USTA League year-end ratings are out - No more "B" ratings

USTA League 2014 year-end ratings have been or are being published on TennisLink.

My initial checks are that my estimates and reports are accurate for the vast majority of players, but I've missed on a few that are really baffling.

The most baffling is a 4.0 that didn't play up and went 10-2 but had two losses in playoffs that got bumped up, no surprise, but to 5.0!

I'll share more strange ones as I see them.

But one thing I should have blogged about and didn't is that while benchmark calculations are still being done, players are not going to have the "B" designation anymore.  I'm not sure why the USTA changed this, but they did and it was in a newsletter I saw a few months ago.